Production Processes

Bar drawing is a cold bulk deformation process in which the cross-section of a bar or rod is reduced through plastic deformation by pulling the rolled and descaled stock through a draw die. As drawing is a metal forming process, the bright steel products produced by this technique typically exhibit strain hardening. After drawing, the bars are straightened on straightening machines by subjecting them to multiple bending and reverse bending operations in the elastic-plastic range.

Peeling is a machining operation in which material is removed from the stock metal. Whereas drawing can produce a number of different cross-sections, peeled products are always round bars. The advantage of peeling is that the surface of the resulting bright steel product is almost completely free from billet defects and skin decarburisation. Both drawn and peeled bright steel can be ground and polished to obtain an even better surface quality and even greater dimensional accuracy.

Heat treatment
For special customer requirements and targeted applications, our bright steel products can be heat treated. Under an gas atmosphere, we can perform stress-relieved, soft and spherodised annealing as well as normalisation in the temperature range from 560 °C to 900 °C. For highest strength requirements, we can anneal in our single-bar quenching and tempering plants. In these facilities we are able to adjust mechanical-technological properties which cannot be achieved by conventional means.