High-strength special steels

High-strength special steels for technically complex parts and processes
With components becoming ever more complex in their design and with fabrication processes increasingly sophisticated, it is becoming ever more important to find the right steel solution. Steeltec’s ETG® steels exhibit both high strength and high toughness even in the their as-delivered state. ETG® steels also show outstanding machinability. With short-breaking chips, extended tool lives and a high degree of uniformity of material properties across batches, these steels offer huge potential for designing optimised component manufacturing processes. The extra cost of these high-quality materials are more than compensated for by the cost savings achieved during the manufacturing process; reduced machine downtimes enable machine tools to be operated for longer and also allow processing to take place on unmanned shifts. Choosing to work with Steeltec’s high-performance ETG® steel solutions puts you in the best possible position to consolidate, strengthen and extend your market position.

Datasheet ETG® 88-100


Higher strength special steels for highly stressed parts
The HSX® steels that Steeltec delivers to its customers already combine high strength and high toughness. These properties can be carefully adjusted to match your specific manufacturing requirements and application needs. The HSX® steels from Steeltec are characterised by excellent machinability. As they produce short-breaking chips when machined, tool lives are significantly longer than those achieved when using standard quenched and tempered steels. HSX® steels are the high-performance steel solution for companies looking to manufacture precision parts for heavy-duty applications, or seeking to shorten process times and reduce parts costs. With component fabrication costs now accounting for up to 85 % of process costs, it makes sense to focus on reducing process costs rather than trying to lower expenditure by buying in cheaper materials. Compared to standard Q&T steels, the HSX® steels from Steeltec offer cost benefits along the entire production process chain, as they are ready to use and additional operations such as hardening, straightening, grinding and deburring can be dispensed with.

Datasheet HSX® 110/130/Z12

Datasheet HSX® Z10

Datasheet HSX® 90