Case hardening steel

ESP 65
A case-hardened steel that ensures process reliability and cost benefits
ESP 65 is a material that has been tailored for use with today’s advanced machining technologies. It was developed as a special case-hardened steel with good machinability properties. In terms of its machinability, ESP 65 is far superior to both 16MnCr5 and 16MnCrS5. The advantages of ESP 65 really come to the fore when turned parts that require substantial amounts of machining and/or that have a challenging geometry need to be manufactured cost efficiently. Its excellent machinability means that processing times are shortened and tool lives extended. The result: lower process costs and increased productivity. ESP 65 is the case-hardened steel from Steeltec that can help you achieve rationalised production processes, improved product quality and long-term cost savings.

Datasheet ESP 65