Material development - Forward is the only direction we know

We are constantly searching for new, high-performance steel solutions.

Steel is an extremely versatile material and to exploit the possibilities it offers we are continuously reassessing and improving our products and services. At Steeltec, improvement is a constant step-by-step process with one goal: maintaining our position as the premium provider of special steel solutions. Our work is focused on developing high-strength and higher strength special steels. The challenge is that high strength and high toughness do not normally go hand-in-hand with good machinability. At Steeltec, however, we have overcome this limitation by networking and pooling our expertise in the theory and practice of steel production and steel processing. We aim to establish development partnerships with you, our customers, so that we can identify and deliver the best possible steel solutions for your specific applications and component fabrication processes. At Steeltec we know, that working closely with you is the best way for us to provide high-quality products and services tuned to your technical and business demands. Working in partnership helps us to develop, and helps you to achieve reliable, robust and rationalised component production processes year in, year out.


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