Hydraulic systems

Efficiency and productivity are the key concerns for users of mobile machinery and hydraulic systems. The higher the power density in a hydraulic system, the greater the forces its components have to withstand. Steeltec AG develops precision material solutions for highly stressed heavy-duty applications.

Tough and durable
The added value generated by an industrial process is frequently reliant on a robust hydraulic system. Our ETG® and HSX® special steels are ideally suited for fasteners or connectors that have to withstand vibrational loads or for fast-acting coupling elements or valves. These steels already exhibit excellent physical and mechanical properties when supplied to customers. Hydraulic systems that use ETG® and HSX® special steels enjoy longer service lives and lower maintenance costs.

High quality materials – reduced process costs
Unlike conventional quenched and tempered steels, these special steels from Steeltec do not need to undergo post-machining heat treatment nor the associated reshaping, grinding and deburring operations. As a result, component manufacturers benefit from shorter production times and lower parts costs.