Services in Düsseldorf

Further to our comprehensive product range, our manufacturing facilities are also geared to providing a broad spectrum of prefabrication services, for instance prefabricated short lengths and weight-specific forgings, as well as customised semi-finished products. What’s more, our heat treatment shop is specialised in the production of higher tensile forgings, tempering thin-walled pipes and satisfying other special requirements. We also provide an extensive range of contract processing options:

  • Contract peeling
  • Contract drawing
  • Contract heat treatments (quenching and tempering, normalising, soft-annealing, stress relieving, etc.) both using a continuous process and an inert gas method
  • Contract prefabrication services (short lengths, centred short lengths, fixing pieces of specific weights, etc.)
  • Contract grinding
  • Contract testing services (crack detection, ultrasonic inspections, etc.)
  • or combinations of several processes as requested 


Elke Schubert
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