Product & service portfolio

Steeltec is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of bright steels. With its focus on high-strength and higher-strength special steels and special free-cutting steels, Steeltec has established itself as an important partner for the automotive, hydraulic and mechanical engineering industries.

High-performance steel solutions
At Steeltec, we work closely with customers, suppliers and research institutions to develop the best steel solution for a specific application. Using our expert understanding of materials and processes we can maximise customer benefits through improved manufacturing productivity, less material wastage, lower parts costs and lower weight components. At Steeltec, we examine all stages of the processing chain: from the steel melt and the bright steel production process, to component machining operations and the final deployment of the part in the customer’s system.

Worldwide sales and service network
Steeltec’s materials and application specialists provide support to the company’s customers around the world, helping them to improve and optimise their machining operations and products. Steeltec uses the global distribution network of the Swiss Steel Group to ensure short lead-time deliveries of its special steel solutions to its customers. We are also in a position to help customers implement JIT production strategies.