Mission statement

At Steeltec we aim to develop the best possible steel solution for any specific application. Using our knowledge of materials and materials processing and our expertise in modern simulation and computational tools, we are continuously striving to improve the production and engineering properties of our steel solutions.

Technology leadership – Our vision for the future!
The special steel solutions that we develop at Steeltec allow us to offer customers technically advanced cost-effective alternatives to conventional materials. We work to ensure that our customers can achieve their goals of making parts production more economical and strengthening their long-term market competitiveness.

*Contributing ideas
Steeltec’s motto ‘*Contributing ideas’ sums up the added value that we generate for our customers. We think about the entire value chain: from material development to processing and use by the customer. As experts working in a globalised economy, we understand the importance of mobility, cost-efficiency, sustainability and safety when assessing future market demands.